Colossal Cave Road Race

This classic Tucson road race was less intense for me this year than in recent prior years and in some respects more enjoyable for that reason.  I really didn’t do any training per se for this race.  It was simply my Saturday maintenance ride, and overall was a bit less intense that the Saturday DOGs ride I typically do.  Nevertheless, once I depart the start line it has my full attention, and I do want to win it.  As it turns out within the “old guy” racing sector, you get to know your competitors quite well; their strengths, their weaknesses, when they will attack, when they will hide, finish line behavior, etc.  Such knowledge is good and bad, of course, and is inevitable.  I knew going in that, if Jack Dillon were with me at the Finish, he would most likely outsprint me so I did bump the pace up Pistol Hill every lap to try and hurt him, ultimately to no avail.  He was there for the last lap climb and, although I did briefly gap him he got his steam up and rolled by me comfortably at about 80m.  I had been anaerobic since 300m and could do nothing about it. Even worse, I eased off on the pedals as he went by from the disappointment and another rider (Michael Patterson fr NYC) snuck by before I realized he was indeed in my race group.  Holey Moley Batman! I jumped on the pedals but did not pass him until about 4 ft after the finish line.  The brain fart (perhaps the result of a recent brain injury?) cost me 2nd place and I ended up 3rd.
Some noteworthy race nuances:  We caught up to the Cat 5s lap 1 and see-sawed back and forth with them for most of the race.  My race group M55/65/70 fractured on lap 2 with Jon Roberts (M55) going off the front solo and holding it to the finish,  and the M65/70 guys actually pulling away from most of the M55 guys for the rest of the race.  On lap 3 (I think) we actually caught up to the M45 guys and I had the opportunity to pat Rich Horn on the back and ask what they were doing dropping back to ride with the really old guys.  I was thinking “is this lazy-assed, or what?”  I was actually in the M45 peloton with Jack Dillon (of course) and about then our guys started yelling at us that we couldn’t draft the M45s and had to let them go.  That seemed odd to me, given our admixture with the Cat 5s for most of the race, but we let them go and dropped back with the rest of our group.
Oh well……on to the next one.
Rick E.

Sonoita-Patagonia TT

Flames burning today: Brandon, Rick, Rich, Tim, Mark and yours truly.
I believe Tim and I busted into the exclusive 30mph club.  It took me two tries.
Featuring 11.7 mile TT today.  Out of 74 riders, only two did it twice: Joel Thompson and I.  We were first and second, got to the bottom, put the bikes back on the car and drove like hell back to the start, missed start time #2, but Don M was expecting us and he was fine with it; I had resolved to do it again either way.  Joel went second to last and I was last.  First attempt: 28.9mph.  Second attempt: 30.7mph.  Elevation loss of 700 ft with gusting side / front / tail winds.  I’m in the 30+mph club and I’ll get a free T shirt.  
Fun early Shootout yesterday with Brent, Y, Brandon, Jonathan and Mark.  I resolved to just sit in and get the miles to save some for today, but a strong move by Big Mike on a TT rig drew me out to take the Sahurita sprint.  Fun times.  I flatted and a quick wheel change and I rolled back in with Mike M. and the remnants of the regular edition.  
Good weekend on the bike.  Plus Cyclovia with Y and JoAnne and then Flanders on a big screen.  
Next up: Colossal Cave!

Tolero Crit #1

A get-together with the boys for church on Saturday.  The 50+ got about a 15 sec head start but we were allowed to draft anyone on the course so I did momentarily toy with the idea of chasing; fortunately, I decided to let them go and save some energy since no one else in the 60+ showed any apparent interest in chasing.  We pretty much cruised (like a Sunday drive) until the 50+ leaders lapped us and then Doug and I and Lionel Space tagged on and the pace went up.  During the left turn at the top of the hill shortly thereafter Doug, Lionel, and I (in that order) were negotiating the corner just off the 50+ leaders, when Doug’s front wheel washed out and he went down hard on his left side taking Lionel down with them.  I was able to barely squeak by between Doug and the curbing and avoid the carnage, although now I was gapped by the 50+ leaders and on my own.   With a few laps to go 2 or 3 riders tagged on to my wheel and one of them (Daryl, 50+) took the lead and I latched on to his wheel.  The final lap I stayed on his wheel thru the last turn and began my sprint (such as it is) up the little hill to the finish, passing him about half way to the finish.   As we approached the Finish, I could hear riders immediately on my wheel, and one of them managed to just get around me and nip me at the line (Dang!). Yes – he was a 60+ rider (Wayne Lewis) so I ended up 2nd in the 60+ group. 
Liz retrieved Doug after the race ant took him to the ER for diagnostic work.  He has road rash of course and a hematoma on his left hip.  Hopefully, no broken bones.  With help, he was able to sort of half-assed hobble to his car. 
Tolero awarded gourmet cakes to the podium finishers for this race which is a nice idea.
Oh well, Sonoita TT next.
-Rick E. 

  • Mission

    Aggress is a Tucson-based statewide / regional cycling team formed in January, 2004.
    As a developmental team for both road and mountain bike racing, Aggress continues to actively – yet carefully – recruit according to a philosophy that emphasizes teamwork in both training and racing tactics.
    Our focus is to race as a team, utilizing team tactics to get our man the win. We ride in support of our designated racer, with each member in turn supported in the key event(s) of his choosing.
    We are aggressive when we race, but we behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. We also have team training rides that we utilize throughout the season.