Tumacacori RR – 1st Place! : Team Aggress!

Tumacacori RR – 1st Place!

Sometimes the planets align and things go your way this was one of those races.
It wasn’t a perfect day I started out filling my cleats with mud and couldn’t clip in. I had to clean them the best I could but it didn’t give me anytime for a good warm up.
Fortunately this group of mature adults decided to do an easy first lap. It was a real pleasure to race with a group that’s not attacking at random times for no real reason.
The second lap had a couple attacks that didn’t amount to much. It was a small group of nine riders but several teams were well represented, GST and New York life had the most.
On the third lap Matt Pobloske tried to shift on the steep part of the loop and wrecked his derailleur. We soft pedaled thinking he had just dropped a chain. His teammate said he was out so we continued on our way.
On the forth lap of seven I decided to test the field on the climb. I quickly created a gap on the group. Only two riders were able to get close, Luis Chacon ( my TT rival ) and a New York life guy. Both had teammates in the group so I felt this would be a perfect breakaway. I slowed up and let them catch me.
Luis refused to help much but the other guy was great ( wish I could remember his name). I tried to convince Chacon to help but he pretended not to speak English.
The fifth and sixth lap I kept the pace going not wanting the group to catch us and hoping to tire out these two fellows. I rode my fastest pace I could without killing my legs up the hills. Each time they both struggled to keep up. I saw this as a good sign but I knew they could be playing possum.
On the final lap just after the first turn I opened it up. I instantly created a gap on them. I kept the tempo as high as I could without blowing up. At the top of the climb I had some serious time on them.
I put my head down got in the drops and pretended I was in a TT for the rest of the lap. I did keep an eye out just in case they decided to show up again.
It didn’t happen and I was able to smash my group coming in long before my rivals.
This race was made for my skill set I’m sure it would have been a different story had it been a flat course.
I have to thank Mark and Kurt for their cheers today it really helped!
The best part of the race was at the summit were Chacon had a large group of friends and family cheering him on. On the last lap as I reached the summit with out him they were totally silent. I yell out ” how about some applause people!” They all laughed.
Great day in the books.
I hope Kurt did well today!



Tim Scott: Men 40+ 1st Place
Kurt Garbe: Men Cat-3 11th Place


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